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Wyless backs 2G through T-Mobile till 2020

Steve Rogerson
December 22, 2015
IoT managed services provider Wyless has joined the growing number of companies saying they will support 2G connectivity via T-Mobile's network in the USA until the end of 2020. This is important for Wyless' 2G GSM customer base that can now operate without interruption while crafting a long-term migration plan to 4G LTE.
With T-Mobile's 2G network extension to 2020, Wyless customers with 2G-based IoT technologies can continue to use M2M-specific GSM data services that work with existing 2G radios while planning for their long-term migration to LTE-based technology.
"With more than one million T-Mobile connections hosted on the Wyless network, our customers operate within a wide variety of verticals, modules and network technologies," said Shelby Noakes, VP of product marketing at Massachusetts-based Wyless. "Next generation LTE is the future of IoT, and although our customers are cognisant of the need to upgrade from 2G, many require more time and technological maturity to manage the logistics of field replacements as well as prepare for new sales. We are thrilled T-Mobile is allowing ample time for customers to properly plan this migration."
Wyless serves as both a reseller and a vendor to T-Mobile, powering the company's mobile network platform, known as the M2M Hub.
"As the un-carrier, we listened to our M2M customers and understood their need for a smooth transition from 2G to LTE," said Doug Chartier, senior vice president of MVNOs at T-Mobile. "T-Mobile's 2G network extension through 2020 solves that pain point by providing customers with a long-term transition plan for the IoT solutions of tomorrow."
• Wyless will be using Florida-based 3C Interactive’s Switchblade platform as the two-way messaging enablement technology for its M2M and IoT services.
Many M2M and IoT applications use SMS features to alert status and updates for customers. 3C technology enables these message communications through the Switchblade platform. It also offers custom-developed functionality that processes messages sent between devices using specialised code identified by carrier networks.
“As a leader in developing mobile solutions for many years, it is natural that 3C is now bringing our experience in specialised messaging to help drive today’s internet of things,” said Mike FitzGibbon, president of 3C. “As these devices and applications begin to impact our everyday lives, scale and reliability become as important as innovation, and we’re pleased to be chosen by Wyless to power their solutions.”
Michael Chase, EVP of global products at Wyless, added: “We are excited to be partnering with 3C in creating this internet of things messaging service. Our partnership will provide enterprise customers with a simple and secure path for their IoT devices and applications to send messages. Together we are reducing complexity and making it easier for our customers to get to market quickly.”