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WiseKey IoT blockchain provides safer gun control

Steve Rogerson
March 8, 2018
Swiss cyber-security company WiseKey believes its IoT blockchain technology can provide safer gun control measures.
Its WiseAuthentic IoT blockchain technology has been adapted to provide safer gun-control measures through a trusted blockchain ledger that digitally certifies, identifies and tracks the gun during its life cycle.
The platform integrates WiseKey Semiconductors’ tags based on the company's Vault IC154 NFC secure element. These tags, when placed on a gun and tapped by an NFC phone or NFC terminal, securely authenticate and track the gun much like an embedded e-passport. They confirm the identity of the product on the blockchain ledger, and track the manufacturer, history of purchases and transfers of and guns within its ecosystem.
The blockchain ledger, which is secured by authentication technology, is said to be trusted, non-reputable, inviolable and resistant to hacking. Due its decentralised architecture, this technology is accessible to vendors, purchasers and regulators, so creating a trusted ecosystem for the industry.
WiseKey's expertise in the design of NFC secure chips allied with its WiseAuthentic original platform for the identification, authentication, tracking and direct marketing of goods, provides customer-fit services for product protection. The team has been working to develop the latest Vault IC407 secure microprocessor that can be deployed in virtually all IoT sectors. Currently, WiseKey IoT has an installed base of over a billion Vault IC chips in IoT sectors such as smartcards, smart cities, drones, anti-counterfeiting, smart lighting, servers and mobile phones.
Vault IC semiconductors produce a huge amount of big data that, when analysed with artificial intelligence, can help industrial applications predict the failure of equipment before it happens. Imagine an intelligent car with a system processing authenticated data for each of the vehicle's components, being able to detect if and when different parts will require service and to sign digitally all the logs required to prove that service was provided.
The platform can be used in multiple industrial applications, allowing for optimised productivity across industries through predictive maintenance on equipment and machinery, creating smart homes with connected appliances, and providing critical communications between devices, including self-driving cars and smart homes.
As part of the offering, the Vault IC154 NFC secure element can be integrated in a new gun frame or physically associated to an existing one, to give the firearm a strong identity managed over a distributed blockchain ledger. The digital identity technology also permits the improvement of the accuracy of the background checks of the gun owner.
Recent agreements for WiseKey in the IoT segment include partnerships with SAP, Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Mastercard and Sigfox to secure IoT devices and the increasing amount of sensitive data exchanged between these devices. The IoT chips produced by WiseKey allow companies to provide users with applications designed to offer increased control over the use of resources, improve efficiency, optimise processing of information, secure autonomous vehicles and connected cars, secure medical wearable devices, and improve public safety.