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VW unveils Sedric Level 5 self driving car

William Payne
March 16, 2017

Volkswagen has unveiled a concept car for future autonomous mobility. Called Sedric, the car is fully "Level 5" autonomy. According to Volkswagen, it carries out all driving functions autonomously. Sedric is designed to feed into consequent generations and models across the whole Volkswagen Group.

The car has been developed by the Volkswagen Group rather than the Volkswagen car division. It has been built and developed by Volkswagen's Future Centre Europe in Potsdam and Volkswagen Group Research in Wolfsburg.

The car has no steering wheel, no pedals and no conventional dashboard. Instead it has a remote control that Volkswagen have named 'The Button'.

Sedric features sliding doors and two sofas facing the centre of the car. It also has charcoal air filters and a collection of plants by the back window.

The Button can summon Sedric and unlocks the controls of the car. Inside, Sedric is voice controlled. Passengers can tell the car where they want to go, and the route they prefer. Sedric will then respond with information about journey times and traffic conditions, allowing the route to be changed if necessary.

The windscreen is a large transparent OLED display which can serve as a conventional windscreen, an augmented reality display or as an entertainment screen.