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Vodafone lifted by ThyssenKrupp elevator contract

Steve Rogerson
March 24, 2016
Several hundreds of thousands of M2M connections in Europe, Asia, and North and South America will be made following Vodafone landing the contract to connect elevators from ThyssenKrupp.
Vodafone will be providing the Germany based industrial corporation with a global M2M communications platform and M2M SIM cards for its existing and new elevators around the world.
“The internet of things is creating intelligent networks across the industrial sector,” said Erik Brenneis, director of Vodafone M2M. “We have the infrastructure and the M2M solutions to take this sector forward into the digital age and make the fourth industrial revolution happen. We’re delighted that our longstanding customer ThyssenKkrupp has asked Vodafone to be its communications partner for its new elevator solution.”
The M2M technology is used to connect the ThyssenKrupp Elevator’s Max, a predictive and pre-emptive maintenance service for elevators, based on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. Reports on the elevators’ technical condition are transmitted to the cloud for evaluation, providing service engineers with real-time information on necessary repairs and predictions of which specific components will require maintenance, even before the elevator breaks down.
ThyssenKrupp is expecting elevator service disruptions to be halved as a result of this pre-emptive service concept. Currently all elevators installed around the world have a total of 190 million hours of service disruptions every year.
“We do what no others in our sector have done before, and it is required to revolutionise an industry instrumental in responding to the challenges of the on-going urbanisation megatrend, always striving to make cities the best ever places to live,” said Andreas Schierenbeck, CEO of ThyssenKrupp Elevator. “Full fledge digitalisation is key to make the century-old elevator industry start a new era.”
In the first launch period, the company aims to connect some 180,000 units in North America and Europe, with the USA, Germany, and Spain as pilot countries and other key countries in Europe as well as in Asia and South America following shortly after. In two years, the offering will be expanded to all continents, becoming available to some 80 per cent of all elevators worldwide.
Vodafone has introduced its Global M2M Platform into Qatar. This means that Vodafone Qatar’s capabilities now include a scalable M2M platform with an interactive portal for end users, global SIM cards, secure services, more than 1300 M2M experts, broad portfolio of M2M terminals, application and service enablement development, and testing and deployment, all from a single supplier, with a single contract.