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Vodafone tests 5G in Dublin

William Payne
February 8, 2018

Vodafone and Ericsson have conducted 5G trials in Dublin. At a demonstration at Trinity College, Dublin (TCD), Vodafone demonstrated speeds of 15 Gbps of pre-standard 5G technology. Recorded latency was less than five milliseconds.

The company demonstrated a number of applications over 5G including remote experts, augmented reality (AR), and high speed, low latency immersive gaming.

In a separate announcement, Vodafone Italia has partnered with open source electronic hardware developer Arduino to develop Internet of Things technologies. The partnership will focus on developing low power devices to accompany Vodafone's NB-IoT network which is currently being deployed throughout Italy. Vodafone has committed to providing NB-IoT throughout Italy by March 2019 and is spending EUR 10 million on the effort. According to Vodafone, likely NB-IoT applications in Italy include smart bins, gas, water and parking meters.

Madalina Suceveanu, Chief Technology Officer, Vodafone Ireland said: “This first successful trial of pre-standard 5G is an essential step forward in achieving our vision of a Gigabit Society for Ireland.

“As our network evolves toward 5G it will become even faster and more resilient, will have significantly lower latency, and will allow a huge number of devices to connect simultaneously.

John Griffin, Managing Director of Ericsson Ireland said: “5G, with its many and new attributes, will offer a raft of benefits both for consumers and businesses, that will enhance lives and bring to life new and exciting use cases for industries and society. Through these trials, Vodafone can evaluate 5G technology and its opportunities to provide better services to consumers and businesses prior to the commercial deployment of 5G. In addition, these trials will provide us with insights about what use cases will benefit from 5G in the future.”