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Telefonica Vivo launches M2M platform in Brazil

Steve Rogerson
July 15, 2015
Telefonica Vivo is launching an M2M platform for global corporate clients in Brazil. The platform, provided by California-based Jasper, will let businesses in any market deploy, manage and monetise IoT services.
With the Vivo M2M Control Center, Telefonica Vivo can provide a turnkey M2M service for Brazilian enterprises in any industry, including utilities, automotive, security, healthcare, consumer electronics and smart cities. The control centre can be configured for the needs of any business model, providing businesses with real-time control and visibility of their connected devices, in addition to mobile service management, support diagnostics and flexible billing required to grow a successful connected services business.
It uses global sim capabilities, enabling enterprises to establish processes where data communications, voice and SMS use the same hardware in any country. The global sim capabilities automatically migrate – transparently to the customer – the settings of the original sim card. This enables an easy transition to Brazilian settings, as may be required by regulations.
This makes the platform suitable for global enterprises. The Telefonica sim cards can be delivered anywhere in the world, which favours the overall logistics processes of the clients. The sim card is available in the normal, robust (with high capacity of resistance), embedded and solderable versions.
"Our existing partnership with Telefonica has long been a great success, and together we've helped many enterprises deploy, manage and monetise IoT services globally," said Cindy Patterson, chief customer officer at Jasper. "There is a great demand for IoT in Brazil, and this partnership with Telefonica Vivo not only helps meet that domestic demand, but also helps enterprises outside of Brazil expand their IoT services into the country."
Telefonica Vivo is the largest telecoms company in Brazil with over 97.2 million accesses – 81.9 million in mobile operation. Jasper has designed its cloud-based IoT platform to enable companies of all sizes to launch, manage and monetise IoT services on a global scale.