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Via control system for enterprise M2M and IoT applications

Steve Rogerson
October 6, 2015
Taiwanese company Via Technologies has introduced the Artigo A600 compact fanless smart automation control system for enterprise IoT and M2M applications that require low-power computing and extensive IO support.
The system integrates four three-pole Phoenix RS485 com ports with 3.75kV isolation, a com connector for an RS232 port, and a DIO port for 8bit GPIO to provide dependable connections to automated equipment and machinery.
Other key IO features include two Mini USB 2.0 ports, one Mini HDMI port for HMI display, one 10/100Mbit/s Ethernet port, and one Mini PCIe slot. Measuring 12.5cm wide by 12.5cm deep and 3cm high, it can also accommodatean optional Wifi module that can be supported through on-board USB pin-headers.
Powered by an 800MHz Via Cortex-A9 SoC, the unit comes with an on-board Micro SD card slot, 4Gbyte eMMC flash memory, and 1Gbyte DDR3 SDRAM. There is also an optimised Linux BSP (board support package) supporting all key on-board hardware features to speed development, deployment and ease system management.
Software customisation services are available to speed up time to market and reduce development costs.
“Smart automation control systems will play a pivotal role in boosting manufacturing productivity and enabling the development of innovative new product customisation and personalisation services,” said Richard Brown, vice-president of Via Technologies. “By delivering extensive IO connectivity in a highly-affordable low-power solution, the Via Artigo A600 lowers the barriers to entry for enterprises planning to transform their operations by implementing the next generation of intelligent distributed manufacturing systems.”
• Via announced at the start of this month that it had sold part of its assets to Intel, but refused to give details. It is believed to be part of its subsidiary making handset chips.