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Tuya upgrades IoT platform for US market

Steve Rogerson
January 18, 2018
China-based Tuya Smart has upgraded its IoT platform including making a version targeting the US market that helps manufacturers transform standard products into IoT products within days and upgrade traditional supply chains with artificial intelligence.
Announced at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the global platform lets manufacturers rapidly upgrade their products by providing them with AI services, including hardware access, cloud services and app software development.
The platform helps manufacturers connect with several mainstream digital assistants such as Alexa and Google Home. Tuya has supply chain resources to let manufacturers build an upstream and downstream industrial ecosystem. Many products powered by Tuya platform have entered the international market.
Tuya Smart is a Chinese technology start-up that was founded three years ago. At CES, it showed hundreds of smart products across six broad categories within its 180 square metre stand, including lighting, electrical engineering, electrical household appliances, smart kitchen appliances, environmental health and security cameras. The company's exhibits also included several futuristic tech products, among them mesh lamp arrays and AI cameras in addition to its smart home experience zone.
The launch of the English-language version of its platform has demonstrated the company's competence in empowering global manufacturers with AI. As an example, with the Tuya Smart platform, manufacturers of lighting products, including sockets, switches and lamps, can complete the transformation of their traditional products into smart ones within just one day and put the smart products into mass production within 15 days.
Tuya Smart has supplied AI services covering a wide spectrum of home appliances to more than 10,000 customers in nearly 200 countries and regions, assisting them in upgrading nearly 11,000 products and creating such smart items as the Ar4 smart AI monitor, the DoorCam wireless security camera, the Blink video doorbell and the Lancey electric heater.
Notably, Tuya has established relationships with smart speaker brands from around the world, including Amazon Echo, Google Home, TMall Genie and Rokid.
"Tuya Smart, with its IoT platform, has already empowered many firms with AI functionalities and plans to provide AI services to manufacturers in the USA and around the world, allowing them to intelligentise their products in a barrier-free manner," said Tuya Smart CEO Jerry Wong. "In addition to helping enterprises upgrade products with smart technologies, the company also plans to fully empower manufacturers by providing them with AI services that expand the breadth of their marketing channels, supply energy-saving solutions and reduce supply chain costs as well as furnish aftersales and personalised services, with the goal of fulfilling its vision of a worldwide transformation of consumer electronics and the internet of everything."
The platform provides hardware access, cloud services and app development in an end-to-end process that, at its fastest, can create controlling apps within ten minutes, transform a standard product into a smart one within a day, and launch mass production within two weeks. The platform is further supported by big data capabilities that enable geolocation and environment-sensing features. All these help manufacturers reduce their R&D cost and time to market, while gaining user behaviour insights.
"From homes and schools, to offices and factories, smart living will become a norm in the highly connected IoT world of the future,” said Wong. “Tuya hopes to be the gateway to this smart world, serving as the AI and IoT catalyst for manufacturers and helping them to bring smart devices to consumers faster and more efficiently. We see tremendous business potential in the connected lifestyle, where data understands everyone's needs, preference, and habits."
Alex Yang, Tuya's co-founder and COO, added: "The US market is of significant importance to us with the popularity of the likes of Amazon Echo and Google Homekit. Both Amazon and Google are already our partners and we hope to bring our capabilities to more US manufacturers via the launch of our US platform at CES. This is part of our on-going commitment to the market."
Both Wong and Yang are among the several founding members of Tuya who previously worked for Alibaba and held key roles in the development of Alibaba Cloud, as well as O2O and QR code projects, all of which have evolved into the mobile payment technology that is now seen in Alipay.
In October 2017, Tuya announced it had raised tens of millions of dollars in series B funding from lead investors including China International Capital, Oriental Fortune Capital, New Enterprise Associates and Quadrille Capital.
Headquartered in Hangzhou, Tuya has offices in Shenzhen and California. It has data centres in Portland (Oregon, USA), Frankfurt (Germany) and Hangzhou (China). After the US launch, the company will look to Europe and Japan for future expansion.