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TrackNet plans LoRa router launch at MWC

Steve Rogerson
February 9, 2017

European start-up TrackNet will launch at this month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona a consumer router that includes LoRa technology to overcome some of the drawbacks of conventional wifi routers. The Swiss company has also announced that it is joining the LoRa Alliance.

LoRa has a greater range, enabling easy connection of home automation and security products that is guaranteed to work over an entire residence and neighbourhood. Combining wifi and LoRaWan into a single hub provides consumers peace of mind about their family and home and gives the operators the opportunity to increase revenue through device sales while expanding its LoRaWan network coverage.

The TrackNet range includes a wearable to track and message with children before they receive mobile phones, home security devices, environmental sensors, and wifi controls for parental control and security. 

TrackNet has joined the LoRa Alliance as a contributor member to support the continued development of global roaming and market acceptance of the LoRaWan specification. The TrackNet team was instrumental in the formation of the LoRa Alliance from their previous roles in Semtech and IBM.

TrackNet CEO Hardy Schmidbauer was instrumental in developing the ecosystem that became the foundation of the LoRa Alliance in his role as director of wireless and IoT at Semtech. Hardy was also the first marketing chairman of the LoRa Alliance.

Company co-founders Thorsten Kramp and Thomas Eirich were two of the original authors of the LoRaWan specification in their roles as scientists at IBM Research. Kramp also played a key role in defining the intellectual property rights policy to fit the requirements of founding members IBM and Cisco. TrackNet co-founder Joe Knapp, in his role as system architect at Semtech, was instrumental in defining LoRaWan operation for North America and compliance with FCC.

“It is a pleasure to be back in the LoRa Alliance in our new capacity at TrackNet,” said Kramp, CTO of TrackNet. “It is critical to be active in the alliance to maintain market leadership and we would like to contribute our expertise in security and roaming to the evolutions in the specification.”