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Thuraya launches dedicated M2M service for North America

Steve Rogerson
March 17, 2016
UAE-based mobile satellite services operator Thuraya Telecommunications has launched a dedicated M2M service and terminal that is available across its coverage area and for the first time over North America.
The launch builds on the momentum of existing M2M services offered from Thuraya's network of device and application development partners and is part of the company's overall M2M strategy, which is founded on the fact that more than one service is needed to address the requirements of all M2M applications in the future.
Thuraya is developing services to address low data rate (LDR), medium data rate (MDR) and high data rate (HDR) requirements for a range of market segments. The launch of this service addresses the market requirements for the MDR tier of applications.
Working in partnership with ViaSat, Thuraya is expanding the reach of its coverage area to include North America for the first time. The IP-based, secure two-way communications M2M network already enables real-time M2M and IoT application deployment beyond the confines of traditional cellular networks. The partnership with ViaSat extends that capability into this key geographical market.
"We are building a considerable M2M presence,” said Randy Roberts, Thuraya chief innovation officer. “As we develop Thuraya M2M further, we will be strongly positioned to benefit from exciting long-term opportunities offered across the internet of things. With this new partnership with ViaSat, our network can reach places that are otherwise shut off, and now Thuraya reaches even more customers by expanding our coverage for this service over North America."
Thuraya’s FT2225 fixed terminal works on the Thuraya network and on ViaSat's mobile satellite services network, leveraging ViaSat's L-band high capacity satellite system.
"Through our partnership with Thuraya, we are bringing robust network functionality coupled with advanced device capabilities to bring real-time IP satellite communications to a greater portion of the M2M market,” said Phil Berry, vice president and general manager at ViaSat. “Thuraya's FT2225 M2M device running over the reliable ViaSat L-band service will serve a broader class of M2M markets from traditional enterprise to new sectors in the unserved and underserved space."
The main targets are mining and oil and gas users that need high security, low latency real-time applications. Mining companies want reliable network connectivity for tracking assets and workers' safety; high cyber-security and network availability appeal to government customers, while Thuraya also offers the network resiliency and low total cost of ownership sought by utility companies.