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Telit opens IoT university in Florida

Steve Rogerson
May 10, 2017

IoT enabler Telit has launched an IoT university in Florida for developers and integrators.
Telit IoT University, part of the Italian company’s IoT Know How suite of consultative services, teaches customers and partners how to succeed in launching IoT products and services that deliver measurable business outcomes.
Located at Telit’s IoT platforms division in Boca Raton, Florida, the university features a broad curriculum, including courses and hands-on labs co-developed by Telit and Florida Atlantic University’s Institute for Sensing & Embedded Network Systems Engineering (I-Sense). The university, an expansion of the company’s original DeviceWise university programme, includes an innovation and design lab that showcases the firm’s DeviceWide Ready partner applications and gives students experience with a variety of hardware components required for a successful IoT deployment.
“Telit IoT University helps companies accelerate their IoT projects from idea to completion by providing the necessary tools and easy access to Telit’s IoT ecosystem and developer resources,” said Fred Yentz, CEO of Telit’s IoT platforms division. “Leading companies immediately apply what they learn at Telit IoT University to launch innovative products and services and improve operational efficiencies to capitalise on the full potential of today’s digital transformation.”
Courses, which are taught monthly, provide hands-on experience to help students start prototyping an IoT srvice. Companies may also request on-site training at their location.
Telit IoT University courses include:

  • IoT for developers: Teaches students how to connect things to apps by exploring multiple transportation types and methods while learning how to use the management portal.
  • IoT for Integrators: Introduces and reinforces the critical tasks involved with designing, launching, integrating and maintaining an enterprise IoT service.
  • IoT Immersion: A combination of IoT for Developers and IoT for Integrators, this course teaches students how to integrate devices with back-end applications and includes a comprehensive final project aimed at solving a real-world problem.
  • Industrial IoT for Integrators: Designed for manufacturers, this course teaches attendees how to acquire, send and transfer bi-directional information between PLCs and ERP applications.
  • IoT Sales & Marketing Essential: Provides a high-level overview of IoT concepts, use cases and IoT services.
  • IoT Operations & Administration: Gives the technician or engineer tasked with the administration of an IoT service the skills to maintain the system.