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Softbank approves Telit LTE Cat 1 module

Steve Rogerson
March 28, 2018
Japanese company Softbank has approved Telit’s LE866A1-JS LTE Category 1 module for use on its 4G network. Claimed to be the world’s smallest module of its type, it is suitable for IoT applications with space constraints such as wearable trackers, health monitoring devices, smart watches and fitness bands.
LTE Cat 1 is the first globally deployed cellular standard specially conceived to meet technical and business requirements of the IoT. Its application provides reductions in operating costs, size and power consumption compared to traditional LTE.
With the LE866A1-JS, Japanese system integrators can not only enjoy increased battery life for wearable electronics, but also reduced design cost and complexity for other segments such as fleet management, asset tracking, security and surveillance, point of sale, and smart metering.
These benefits make the LE866A1-JS a suitable platform to accelerate the expansion of LTE-based IoT technology into more application types where small size and low power are more relevant than high speed.
"Certification of the LE866A1-JS is an important step for us in our roll out of products and capabilities for the growing internet of things market in Japan," said Yosi Fait, CEO of Italy-based Telit. “It will enable us to supply customers with an ultra-compact, high speed, low power module for growing segments in this market like wearables and telematics. This certification is an achievement and reaffirmation of our commitment to innovation leadership in the Japanese IoT market."
The LE866A1-JS is a single-mode, dual-band product for new and upgrade designs. The Telit IoT Portal-ready module is member of the xE866-nested family, featuring pin-to-pin compatibility with 2G and 3G modules. It not only enables fast time-to-market for domestic products for Japan where LTE has already become the predominant cellular technology, but also for exports to other markets where GPRS and UMTS are still widely used.
Telit has released the WE866C3 module that advances the ability to deliver LTE and wifi integration for IoT applications including security panels, video bridges, medical devices, telematics and remote sensors.
The low power, high bandwidth 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.2 module provides a way for manufacturers to add wireless connectivity to new and existing products. LTE, wifi and Bluetooth coexistence reduces complexity designing cellular back haul with the LE910Cx 4G LTE module family, making the WE866C3 suitable for IoT applications such as commercial building automation, OEM telematics, fleet management and video surveillance.