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Telit helps Otodata expand in USA

Steve Rogerson
April 19, 2018
Wireless connectivity company Telit is helping Otodata, Canada's largest IoT network operator, with more than 300,000 clients, expand into the US market.
The partnership lays the foundation for Otodata's US expansion by using existing MNO infrastructure. It also provides Otodata the ability to provide power efficiency for IoT services that require extended battery life with the original battery lasting over a decade.
Otodata designs, develops, manufactures and distributes IoT products and services for cost-sensitive applications such as commercial lighting, telematics and remote tank level monitoring. It also operates its own proprietary IoT network in Canada and will provide wireless telemetry services throughout most of North America via partnerships with local MNOs.
Under the partnership, Otodata is using the Telit 910 products to scale from LTE Cat 1 to Cat M1 as the foundation for both its long-term product roadmap and expansion strategy. The xE910 family seamlessly enables a wide range of industrial and consumer IoT applications, including asset tracking, alarm systems, telematics devices, retail applications and smart utility meters.
With Telit, Otodata now can develop IoT devices with a battery lives measured in decades not years. That additional longevity will enhance Otodata's ability to target power efficiency applications and provide maintenance-free IoT connectivity and devices.
By eliminating that barrier to adoption, Otodata can build on its success in helping businesses leverage the IoT to improve their bottom line by enabling efficiency gains and rapid RoI. For example, Otodata has already slashed the cost of IoT hardware and service to the point that many of its remote fuel-tank monitoring customers can now afford large-scale IoT implementations on all their tanks.
"With Telit, Otodata is uniquely positioned to continue knocking down two of the biggest barriers to IoT adoption: power and cost," said Dennis Kelly, senior vice president in the Americas for Italian company Telit. "Otodata is a prime example of the kind of innovation businesses say they're looking for when choosing an IoT partner, and we're thrilled to play a key role in helping Otodata meet that need."
The LE910B1-NA is a dual-mode LTE Cat 1 IoT module positioned for developers and integrators looking to integrate future-proof low category LTE technology into their designs. Benefits of the technology include significant bandwidth, longer product lifecycle, cost savings, and an easy migration path to LTE from 2G and 3G in existing IoT devices.
"Telit's xE910 module family is the ideal long-term choice both for us and our customers," said Jason Gallovich, Otodata executive vice president and co-founder. "Between its industry-leading module portfolio with multi-MNO and geographical support, it provides the flexibility, features and future-proofing that businesses need to leverage the power of IoT across their entire organisation."
The LE910 and ME910 are members of Telit's best-selling xE910 family of pin-compatible modules, which serve as drop-in replacements in devices that are based on the family's 2G and 3G models.