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Starhome Mach platform helps operators compete in M2M market

Steve Rogerson
February 17, 2016
Swiss company Starhome Mach has launched its HD-IoT platform to help operators profitably compete in the M2M and IoT market.
The platform provides unique business layers to control and monetise areas such as service levels, dynamic device identities, network availability and coverage, and quality of service for every device deployed domestically and globally. It is designed to let operators package network assets and attributes and offer them selectively to enterprise customers.
IoT is an important growth engine for mobile network operators as the number of connected devices continues to explode. With the HD-IoT platform, operators could generate new revenue from enterprise customers and increase market share while optimising costs and increasing revenue per unit.
It can further align the different cross-company functions within the operator to help create differentiated, saleable service packages that meet the diverse needs of each enterprise customer.
"Starhome Mach is uniquely positioned to provide detection, control and monetisation for the operator's IoT and M2M business," said Itai Margalit, CEO at Starhome Mach. "Operators already benefit from our strong core competence in network value-added services, inbound and outbound roaming gateways that control inter-network policies, financial and data clearing, and unique business intelligence. To these, we now add a modular, innovative and specialised M2M and IoT platform."