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Solair introduces IoT in a Box, an off-the-shelf product for connecting things

Steve Rogerson
August 6, 2015
Italian company Solair has launched IoT in a Box, claimed to be the first IoT off-the-shelf product that lets users connect machines, things and sensors in a few clicks.
The product comes with a cloud-based application and a smart gateway that talk with different types of sensors. Sensors can either be on-board machines or applicable to an object. Through the gateway, with a few clicks, things can be connected to the network and to a specific cloud application, which gives the ability to visualise data and charts instantly.
Everything happens in few minutes: there no need to write code or develop firmware, the support is assured for innumerable types of sensors, the set-up is immediate and can be completed directly by anyone. Data security and scalability are guaranteed by the characteristics of the platform.
“The IoT is the future,” said a company statement, “but practically connecting things and making them talk is not that easy. Companies often do not know where to start and how. Putting together all the bits of a stack is a complex task. The offerings are not clear. Yet, once an idea is conceived, companies would like to be operational in the shortest time possible, however the times are long on average.”
With IoT-in-a-Box, however, users can make objects smart in four steps: connect the sensors to the gateway; establish the monitoring environment; select the sensors from a library or create new sensors in the Solair application; and immediately begin monitoring, having access to the stuff from anywhere, with any device, anytime.
This, says the company, means accessing the benefits of the IoT becomes easy and affordable for all, cutting costs, time and complexity, with the advantage of working on enterprise-grade hardware and software. If a user wants to switch from prototyping to production or to add things, the platform is ready to scale and to support greater complexity.
IoT in a Box is also an opportunity for the channel and the IT resellers, which have the possibility to insert in their portfolio a ready-to-use IoT product.
The Solair platform is a tool for enterprises who want to connect physical assets to the digital world. It enables the creation of easy-to-use web-based IoT applications and optimises business processes with data from connected devices – delivering measurable business value.