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Skypatrol leverages Telefónica’s IoT partner programme to fuel growth

Steve Rogerson
June 14, 2016
Florida-based Skypatrol, a supplier of integrated GPS tracking systems, has joined Telefónica’s US IoT partner programme to bring reliable, cost-effective connectivity to its growing customer base.
“After seeing Telefónica’s IoT partner programme mature and prove itself over the past three years, it was a natural next step for Skypatrol to continue to build on our five-year relationship,” said Robert Rubin, Skypatrol’s CEO.
Skypatrol provides turnkey risk mitigation and tracking products for the vehicle finance market, new car dealers, rental car companies and fleet managers worldwide, that allow service providers to deploy quickly any Skypatrol device on their own unique, front-end user interface.
By leveraging Spanish teleco Telefónica’s IoT partner programme, Skypatrol will benefit from increased commercial visibility, and the ability to scale its business throughout the Americas and the EU region, using Telefónica’s networks as well as more than 500 roaming agreements that allow optimal coverage on a national and regional level.
“Our IoT partner programme provides Skypatrol the required connectivity and the tools to expand its offerings into Latin America and the EU, allowing them to increase their presence and sales in these markets by focusing on their core business and on providing the best possible service to their customers,” said Pete Wilson, general manager for the programme in North and Central America.
Alex Gajano, Skypatrol’s VP of operations, added: “With nearly one million Skypatrol devices installed in vehicles, truck fleets, construction equipment, and oil and mining operations worldwide, this strengthened partnership is primed for significant growth.”
And Óscar Louro García, head of Telefónica’s IoT partner programme worldwide, said: “Telefónica’s IoT partner programme allows its customers not only the best connectivity, but also end-to-end management tools and the comprehensive control needed to achieve reliable, profitable and secure IoT communications between machines. We are proud of our growing relationship with such an established industry leader like Skypatrol, and excited about how our technology platform will help to propel its continued global expansion.”