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Sigfox and WND start IoT roll-out in Brazil

Steve Rogerson
May 4, 2016
Sigfox and its Brazilian partner WND have begun deploying Sigfox’s IoT network throughout Brazil, starting with Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.
Initially, the two companies will focus on the manufacturing, retail, logistics and government sectors, which have been identified as presenting the most opportunity for the IoT in the country.
“GSMA Intelligence reports that Brazil is the world’s fourth-largest M2M and IoT market, which makes the country another major, strategic part of Sigfox’s goal of establishing one global, seamless IoT network for billions of objects,” said Rodolphe Baronnet-Frugès, Sigfox executive vice-president. “This deployment with WND also marks Sigfox’s launch in Latin America, with more countries soon to follow, as we expand our coverage throughout the whole region.”
This new deployment marks the addition of the 18th country where Sigfox is present and takes Sigfox’s footprint to all continents.
“We are delighted to work closely with WND Brasil, subsidiary of WND and the Sigfox network operator in the country, to deploy the network and develop the business in this major market,” said Baronnet-Frugès.
WND was founded in 2015 by Chris Bataillard, an entrepreneur and active founder, angel investor and advisor in a number of telecommunications and high-tech companies. During his 20 years in investment-banking services, Bataillard held different executive positions at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. Co-founder of Inquam/Zapp with Qualcomm in 2000, he gained experience starting and running cellular networks.
“Sigfox’s rapid expansion in the US, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East demonstrates the universal appeal of its IoT network and ecosystem, which enable Sigfox network operators to very quickly provide their customers with low-cost, energy-efficient connectivity for an extensive range of applications,” Bataillard said. “Brazil and Latin America are huge markets for Sigfox’s IoT solution, and we are very excited to quickly offer its services throughout the region.”
In partnership with Thought Creator, an IoT device maker and provider in Portugal, WND has developed a low-cost geolocation device specifically for the Latin American asset-tracking market, with a battery life of more than a year.
“We have identified already a strong demand from the insurance industry in order to reduce insurance and theft costs,” Bataillard said. “Both small and inexpensive, this location device, which offers an optimal combination of Wifi and Sigfox capabilities, has many indoor and outdoor applications for businesses and consumers. These include construction and telecom equipment, packages, vehicles and bicycles and pet tracking.”
By starting the deployment in Rio de Janeiro, the two companies expect to have citywide network coverage by July. The geolocation device will be available to demonstrate simple but essential applications enabled by the IoT, including the tracking of people’s belongings in near real time on their mobile phones.
Taking advantage of the simple and fast rollout of the network, which requires far lighter infrastructure than traditional wireless networks, Sigfox expects the network to be operational in São Paulo, a city of more than 11 million people, in September 2016. The top ten urban areas, representing one-third of Brazil’s 210 million population, will be covered by September 2017.
Sigfox has its corporate headquarters in France, and the company has offices in Boston, San Francisco, Madrid, Munich, Dubai and Singapore.