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Sigfox helps On Semi certify communications chips

Steve Rogerson
May 19, 2016
Sigfox has worked with chip company On Semiconductor to make sure its AX-SFEU system-on-chip is certified for optimal two-way communications in Europe with certification underway for the USA.
Through the SoC, plus its accompanying library and development system, IoT developers will be able to use Sigfox’s long range, two-way global IoT network, resulting in a low cost, low-power device-to-cloud connectivity that is optimised for environmental sensors, smart meters, patient monitors, security devices, streetlights and a broad spectrum of other industrial and consumer-oriented applications.
“On Semiconductor was very early to recognise and respond to demands for transceivers that provide extremely low-power, wireless connectivity for the IoT,” said Stuart Lodge, executive vice president at Sigfox. “Our fast-growing operated network, currently in 18 countries including the USA and registering over seven million devices, requires a reliable supply of high performance, low-cost and extremely energy-efficient integrated circuits, and our collaboration with On Semiconductor helps assure those will be available to our customers.”
The SoC draws under 10mA of current when receiving data and has a sensitivity of -129dBm at 600bit/s with GFSK modulation. The reference design, which does not require an expensive front-end module, has a 23dBm transmitter and has a 220mA current consumption, enabling designers to extend communications range while increasing battery life.
“Our AX-SF ultra-low power sub GHz solution gives developers robust and reliable two-way connectivity to the Sigfox global network,” said Ryan Cameron, vice president at On Semiconductor.
The California-based company has also been made an ARM MBed partner. The NCS36510 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 compliant transceiver will include the MBed OS and Thread stack. Access to the ARM MBed ecosystem in combination with Thread should prove beneficial for IoT developers, helping them produce more agile, robust, cost-effective products with end-to-end security and lower power budgets that better address their application demands.
“For the LAN environment, our industry leading 802.15.4 platform based on the NCS36510 now provides users access to the ARM MBed ecosystem coupled with the benefits of Thread for security and interoperability,” said Cameron. “Sigfox, in combination with Thread, also has great potential for use cases where multiple connectivity can be mixed to create new user experiences.”