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Sigfox makes Middle East breakthrough with Oman deal

Steve Rogerson
April 14, 2016
More than 85 per cent of Oman’s population should have access to the Sigfox network within 18 months following a deal with Omantel, the sultanate’s leading provider of integrated telecoms services. This extends the Sigfox IoT network to 17 countries and the Middle East.
Omantel’s 3.0 transformation strategy includes adopting proven technologies and expanding services. It recently joined a consortium with several East African telecoms providers to lay the Gulf to Africa (G2A) undersea fibre-optic cable and transform Oman into a communications hub of the Middle East.
“As innovators and early adopters of proven new technologies, it is vital that Omantel partners with like-minded companies to deliver the potential of the Omantel 3.0 transformation strategy,” said Samy Ahmed Al Ghassany, chief operating officer at Omantel. “Sigfox offers a pioneering IoT solution that will complement our comprehensive telecommunication services. This agreement strongly supports our commitment to innovate by enhancing infrastructure and using new technologies that increase our network coverage and capabilities.”
Omantel will work closely with Sigfox’s global IoT ecosystem to offer a wide variety of connected services for smart applications, energy efficiency, agriculture, security and other uses. The ecosystem includes manufacturers of components and objects.
“This is an exciting partnership for Sigfox since Omantel is a highly innovative telecoms provider that is committed to offering its business and residential customers a broad suite of services, including Sigfox global IoT connectivity,” said Thierry Siminger, president of Sigfox Middle East and Africa (MEA). “This deployment in the Sultanate of Oman also is a major milestone in Sigfox’s expansion in the MEA region.”
Earlier this month, Sigfox announced the rollout of its network in New Zealand and Australia. This deployment in Oman marks the addition of the 17th country signed and the first Sigfox network rollout in the Middle East.