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Ireland makes it a dozen countries for Sigfox

Steve Rogerson
November 25, 2015
Ireland has become the 12th country to join the Sigfox IoT network. The French company plans to roll out its network across Ireland, allowing nationwide low-power and cost-effective connectivity for the first time in the country.
As a Sigfox network operator, Dublin-based infrastructure provider VT Networks will extend Sigfox’s coverage and provide its seamless connectivity, subscription-based pricing and guaranteed service-level agreement to Irish customers. VT Networks will also work with Sigfox to accelerate the development of IoT applications in Ireland and aims to connect more than one million devices by 2017.
“Irish businesses have reacted quickly to adopt new, beneficial technology applications available on the Sigfox network,” said Mark Bannon, CEO of VT Networks. “Through these applications, businesses are creating a new range of solutions that will impact every sector in a cost-effective and reliable way. As part of VT Networks’ vision, we hope to advance Ireland as a hub for IoT innovation globally. This involves supporting Irish developers and manufacturers to introduce their products and services to the global Sigfox market.”
He said that being a Sigfox network operator allowed the company to benefit quickly from a trusted network validated by leading companies in Europe and paired with the growing international ecosystem of partners.
Building on its growth in Europe and the USA, Sigfox is increasing the pace of its global expansion. In Ireland, VT Networks has partnered with 2RN for a fast rollout. 2RN, formerly RTÉNL,is an Irish communications-network operator that distributes and transmits programming for Ireland’s national television and radio broadcasters, while also providing much of the infrastructure for Ireland’s local radio services, telcos and emergency services.
“VT Networks’ understanding of the multiple ways IoT connectivity can benefit Irish people, businesses and service providers, coupled with 2RN’s excellent infrastructure, will quickly foster a vital IoT ecosystem in Ireland,” said Rodolphe Baronnet-Frugès, Sigfox executive vice president of networks and operators. “We are looking forward to working with VT Networks to help Irish device makers, as well as platform and app developers, to seamlessly scale IoT solutions wherever the Sigfox network is operating in the world.”
VT Networks board members include Patrick Joy, 2013 EY Entrepreneur of the Year, and founder of Suretank Group, and Dara O’Mahony, founder of Dome Telecom.