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SenRa and MyDevices partner on LoRa adoption in India

Steve Rogerson
May 24, 2018

SenRa, a pan-India network service provider, is collaborating with California-based MyDevices to enable LoRaWan adoption in India.
The partnership between the two companies will provide an amalgamation of SenRa's commercial grade network with MyDevices’ IoT Cayenne platform to simplify the creation, development and deployment of end-to-end services in a growing India IoT market.
With the recent Make in India and Startup India initiatives by the Indian government to make India a global manufacturing hub, many efforts are being made to help enable the creation and development of cutting edge services in India. The partnership between SenRa and MyDevices aims to provide developers and coders free access to commercial grade LoRaWan connectivity and an IoT service builder enabling them to create IoT services quickly.
SenRa will also be working with MyDevices to integrate ecosystem partners’ hardware with the Cayenne platform making India-ready devices' accessible to hundreds and thousands of developers creating IoT prototypes.
“Creating IoT solutions couldn't be any easier,” said Ali Hosseini, CEO of SenRa. "We were looking for an easy and low-cost way to give India's developer community all the tools they need to innovate and contribute to the rapidly growing IoT market in India. With MyDevices' Cayenne platform, we believe this can be made possible."
Both companies are contributing members of the LoRa Alliance and are involved in conducting workshops and hackathons, and supporting centre of excellences to bring awareness and educate people on LoRaWan and its benefits. SenRa plans to leverage this partnership to support India's universities and colleges as a part of their expansion of educational programmes, which will include new courses for LoRaWan and other IoT technologies.
"We are very happy to have SenRa as our first India LoRaWan network operator on the Cayenne platform," said Kevin Bromber, CEO of MyDevices. "We believe by forging close relationships with industry leaders, such as SenRa, we can accelerate the adoption of our IoT solutions and have a larger outreach to developer communities around the globe."