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Semtech announces LoRa nano-tag reference design

Steve Rogerson
December 5, 2017

California semiconductor company Semtech has announced a LoRa-based nano-tag reference design, a disposable, thin and low-cost tag that can be integrated into disposable systems or attached to assets to communicate a specific trigger of an event.
The tag can be deployed across numerous IoT verticals that use the event data to enable smarter decision making.
The nano-tag is equipped with a thin printed battery and is designed to be integrated into products or systems that send messages to the cloud when a simple event is detected. The LoRa-enabled reference design will work with existing LoRaWan networks and enable the proliferation of IoT applications requiring real-time, reliable feedback including logistics and shipping, healthcare and pharmaceutical, asset tracking, and general-purpose compliance.
“By offering a lower cost, disposable LoRa-enabled tag, we can expand the current landscape of use cases for Semtech’s LoRa devices and wireless radio frequency technology and allow companies to integrate the technology to drive many more diverse IoT use cases,” said Marc Pegulu, vice president of Semtech. “We believe the number of use cases should expand rapidly as our connectivity and cloud partners start to leverage the disruptive nature of the LoRa-enabled tag.”
MachineQ, a Comcast enterprise IoT service, is the first company to pilot the LoRa-enabled nano-tag with interested third parties on its IoT network in Philadelphia.
“As we continue to work with customers across a wide range of use cases, the innovative service made possible by coupling Semtech’s new nano-tag on MachineQ’s dense IoT network opens a whole new set of use cases, across multiple industries, that were not commercially or technically viable using existing technologies,” said Alex Khorram, general manager of MachineQ.
The disposable LoRa-enabled tag will be commercially available in flexible tape and paper substrates in 2018 and is currently in trials by a number of LoRa Alliance members.