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SDChain public blockchain ensures IoT releaibility

Steve Rogerson
March 14, 2018
Canadian company SDChain Alliance has launched what it claims is the world's first public blockchain that has truly adopted the blockchain to ensure the reliability of the IoT.
This has converged the IoT and the blockchain into a decentralised ecosystem for various industries so they may establish an efficient, low-cost IoT data exchange platform to give the data more commercial value, according to their own needs. On the one hand, it will create high-value digital assets. On the other, it can enhance the commercial value of the IoT application itself.
SDChain advanced the original schedule of the beta public chain by two months to help partners and its communities become familiar with the public chain based on the world's first implementation of the ISO six-domain model as early as possible. The launch of SDChain's public chain could inject a trend into the blockchain industry, leading the industry to focus on the application of blockchains and ecological development to help the real economy.
"We are grateful to the support from the SDChain community and the engineering team for helping to get the SDChain public chain online earlier than anticipated, and for contributing to the rebuilding of the IoT business model,” said David Pan, CEO of SDChain Alliance.
SDChain is a public blockchain that considers the technical characteristics of the IoT and the needs of ecosystem development. Based on the existing blockchain technology, it carries out in-depth optimisation to realise the circulation and value transformation of digital assets under credit and promote the IoT business model.
"The early launch of the beta chain provides the underlying technical support for the establishment of a series of potential ecosystems for potential SDChain customers during the on-going collaborations,” said Richard Zhou, head of SDChain Alliance Canada. “The international standards of the convergence of IoT and blockchain can also be applied to the field of financial technology."
The SDChain Alliance, established in Canada, makes full use of blockchain for different IoT applications, providing decentralised services with a globally-integrated ecosystem of blockchain and IoT.