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Schneider Electric makes New Year IoT predictions

Steve Rogerson
December 29, 2016
The IoT will trigger the next wave of enterprise digital transformation, unifying the worlds of OT and IT and fuelling a mobile and digitally enabled workforce. This is the top prediction for 2017 from Schneider Electric in its end-of-year business report.
More affordable connected sensors, embedded intelligence and control, faster and more ubiquitous communications networks, cloud infrastructure, and advanced data-analytics capabilities will enable this development.
The report looks at how the IoT will finally pave the way for enterprise cloud adoption and how it benefits an evolving market.
The IoT, it says, will translate previously untapped data into insights that enable enterprises to take the customer experience to the next level, Access to data and the ability to translate them into actionable insights – the hallmark of the IoT – will deliver greater customer-service transformation and new opportunities to build brand and service loyalty and satisfaction.
The IoT will promote an open, interoperable and hybrid computing approach, and it will foster industry and government collaboration on global architecture standards that address cyber-security concerns. While cloud-based IoT will grow in popularity, no single computing architecture will monopolise the delivery. Instead, the IoT will flourish across systems, both at the edge and on premise, as part of private cloud or public cloud offerings.
The IoT will function as a source of innovation, business model disruption and economic growth for businesses, governments and emerging economies. Just as the industrial revolution, birth of the internet and mobile revolution have driven advancement, innovation and prosperity, so will the IoT. In particular, emerging economies will have a significant opportunity to leverage the IoT quickly without the constraint of legacy infrastructure, essentially leapfrogging old ways.
Finally, IoT products and services will be leveraged to address major societal and environmental issues. The IoT will help countries respond to the biggest challenges facing the planet, including global warming, water scarcity and pollution. In fact, survey respondents identified improved resource utilisation as the number one benefit of the IoT to society as a whole.