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Samsung launches SmartThings Cloud to unify IoT apps and APIs

William Payne
October 19, 2017

Samsung has launched the SmartThings Cloud unite all IoT clouds into a single platform. The company has also launched version 2.0 of its voice assistant software Bixby, which is geared particularly towards smart home applications. Samsung says that both developments are aimed at democratising IoT with intelligence that is easy to use and accessible for everyone.

The SmartThings Cloud is designed to be an open ecosystem that can work not only Samsung devices but a range of connected devices.

Samsung says that from early next year, consumers will be able to control a wide range of IoT devices from a single app.

The company says that the SmartThings Cloud will also allow developers to code for just one single API to give their products and services instant compatibility across over 1 billion devices.

Samsung says that intelligence is built into the Cloud from the bottom up.