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Samsung partners Silver Springs to network LED street lights

Steve Rogerson
March 17, 2016
Korean company Samsung Electronics is working with Silver Spring Networks to develop networked LED street lighting, helping cut costs and simplify connected lighting componentry for luminaire manufacturers. The announcement was made at this week’s Light + Building show in Frankfurt.
The partnership aims to accelerate the road to smart cities for municipalities, utilities, transportation departments and other outdoor lighting network operators. Networked LED public lighting systems deliver significant energy and operational savings, helping cities, utilities and other entities establish a broad network canopy that can also be used for smart city and IoT applications, such as traffic and parking management, environmental sensing and citizen safety.
“Samsung and Silver Spring Networks share a common vision for the IoT,” said Jacob Tarn, executive vice president at Samsung Electronics. “Large-scale outdoor lighting networks offer a viable path to smarter cities and safer communities, and provide a solid foundation for future internet of things applications. Samsung and Silver Spring will leverage open standards to provide a simple, scalable and highly efficient long-term path for connecting internet of things devices.”
The joint smart street light system will be designed to enable luminaire manufacturers to take advantage of a pre-integrated networked photocell with auto-configuration and management capabilities, lowering costs and simplifying the system for users. The collaboration will enable capabilities such as wiring multiple sensors to a single driver, dynamic override commands, and advanced management of configuration files and firmware images across large-scale lighting networks.
It will build on California-based Silver Spring’s IPv6- based Gen5 wireless networking platform and SLV6 smart city management software, and the Samsung SLM smart lighting module that powers its SLP smart lighting platform. SLM is an all-in-one lighting application-specific wireless and wired connectivity module that can be embedded into a sensor bus for smart cities and other IoT environments. It supports both wired and wireless communications protocols, including Dali and Bluetooth, to help operators seamlessly connect to various sensor networks and smart devices. It enables smart lighting luminaires to act as nodes for diverse smart lighting environments.
“We are pleased to partner with an industry leader like Samsung to help advance the outdoor lighting, smart cities and broader IoT markets,” said Brandon Davito, vice president at Silver Spring Networks. “We are committed to delivering standards-based solutions that simplify the roll out of smart lighting networks and unlock clear economic benefits for our customers.”