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Samsung upgrades IoT platform, announces new partners

William Payne
May 18, 2017

Samsung has expanded the range of its IoT platform, added new security features, improved interoperability, announced a new IoT partnership with VMWare and is said to be about to launch a new IoT operating system.

Upgrades to Samsung's ARTIK platform includes end-to-end enterprise-grade security enhancements. The platform is now designed to allow easier to use, secure services for device on-boarding, device and user management, edge node management, and secure OTA updates.

The platform also offers integration with Amazon AWS Kinesis Stream, new cloud connectors including Google Assistant on Google Home and Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill.

Samsung is also introducing a new module designed for high performance and secure applications. The ARTIK 053 module is aimed at edge products for connected home, building products, healthcare devices and industrial automation. The module provides integrated real-time processing via a 320MHz ARM Cortex R4 core, 1.4MB RAM and 8MB Flash, software and a pre-certified Wi-Fi radio.

Samsung is also reported to be planning to launch an embedded real time operating system for home based smart devices. The company is expected to announce the new operating system during May. The new embedded IoT operating system is based on the Open Source Tizen OS, which Samsung is the main backer of. The new embedded system will be called Tizen RT.

Tizen RT is expected to compete with existing IoT operating systems such as Google's Android Things, Zephyr, Contiki, Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core, and many others.

The parent operating system, Tizen OS, has been used by Samsung in a range of low cost smartphones which it has sold predominantly into the Indian market.

A new version of Tizen OS is expected to be launched in September. Numbered Tizen 4.0, this is expected to provide support for Microsoft Windows .Net code. This may be through a port to Tizen of Linux Mono. The latter is a software platform that provides cross-platform portability for .Net applications.

Samsung deploys a number of smartphone and embedded operating systems across its products. These include operating systems based on Android, Linux and Microsoft Windows. The effort with Tizen OS 4.0 is aimed at better unifying and integrating Samsung products to create an ecosystem in the home and for consumer products such as watches, phones, televisions, washing machines and other appliances.

A new support programme for IoT developers, ARTIK QuickStart, offers a range of services designed to cover the entire product design and development spectrum, including UX, UI, software, firmware, cloud, mobile app, end-to-end integration, and development, and elevate the user experience to support commercialisation and IoT opportunities.

QuickStart includes custom integration of the ARTIK platform, on-site workshops, and training to suit the needs of customers and partners. It is intended to allow customers to start building solutions quickly and cost-effectively by significantly reducing the engineering time, effort and expertise needed to build IoT products.

Samsung has also announced a number of IoT partnerships.

VMware has joined the ARTIK Partner Programme. The companies will work together to accelerate the development, deployment, and management of IoT solutions for enterprises. VMWare's Little IoT Agent (Liota), a vendor-neutral open source software development kit, has been integrated with the ARTIK 530 module.

Samsung has also reached a global distribution agreement with Mouser Electronics to distribute the ARTIK family of modules, development kits and accessories.

“We believe security and interoperability are critical to enabling next-gen IoT products that can connect to, and work with, many different devices and services,” said James Stansberry, senior vice president and U.S. Head of ARTIK, Samsung Electronics. “A smart, powerful IoT platform is key to fostering an interoperable, and most importantly, secure ecosystem. That is why we developed the SAMSUNG ARTIK™ Smart IoT platform from the ground up with end-to-end security, and why we continue to integrate new security enhancements across hardware, software, cloud and communications.”

“Leveraging SAMSUNG ARTIK is a value add for our customers,” said Youngsoo Do, senior vice president of Digital Control Group, Samsung Electronics. “SAMSUNG ARTIK is instrumental to Samsung in building secure IoT products, and getting to market faster. The ability to connect to other smart devices also enables new use cases, and is helping us realise our vision of making all Samsung products IoT-enabled.”