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Samsung combines hardware and software to boost security

Steve Rogerson
October 26, 2017

Samsung has combined hardware and software to address IoT data security at the chip level. The South Korean company’s secure element uses e-flash memory and dedicated security software.
This is said to provide a turnkey service for both hardware and software needs.
As the benefits of IoT devices grow, so does the importance of security throughout the network that spans from cloud, servers and hubs to the individual connected devices. With both hardware and software support for the security requirements in IoT devices, the secure element should help chip manufacturers employ reliable security features, and bring products and services to market faster.
At the hardware level, the secure element will stop and reset itself the moment it detects abnormal activity, thus protecting the sensitive data stored within the security IC. The element uses embedded flash (e-flash) – a claimed industry first – at the 45nm process node, which brings faster data processing and more flexible software modifications compared with traditional eeproms.
Samsung’s dedicated software for the secure element supports various tasks such as personal verification, security key storage, and encoding and decoding. This software also allows key and authentication information to be transferred safely between devices, servers and clouds.
“Securing personal information stored on electronic devices and in the cloud is a top priority,” said Ben Hur, vice president of system LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung’s secure element is another demonstration of our advanced security technology that has been proven through mobile application processors, smart card ICs and other semiconductor products. We believe that applications for Samsung’s secure element will continue to diversify along with the vastly expanding IoT industry.”
The secure element and developer board were on display at last week’s Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco.