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Tunisia trial goes well for Reverb’s self-optimising network

Steve Rogerson
August 6, 2015
Self-optimising network (SON) specialist Reverb Networks has seen strong improvements during recent trials on one of Tunisia’s most popular mobile networks.
The SON system, Intelison, showed improved results while operating in fully autonomous mode, with no human intervention. The systems also absorbed various maintenance changes to live network configuration applied by parallel manual engineering processes – again fully automatically, without any need to stop or adjust the SON system.
Live network results included a 24 per cent reduction in call setup failures, 28 per cent more capacity from HSDPA and a 30 per cent reduction in dropped calls.
“When you consider that many of these networks have been in place for a decade or more, and Reverb’s Intelison is still able to generate around a 30 per cent increase in capacity in a few days, it is really astonishing how much value Intelison unlocks in the average mobile network,” said Zoran Kehler, CEO of Virginia-based Reverb Networks.
The trial also demonstrated an ability to find configuration mismatches quickly and react to shifting traffic patterns. The SON system identified hundreds of missing neighbour relationships, and was able to help the network adapt to a traffic spike caused by a major football match, using quick reaction load balancing algorithms.
“What is always amazing to network engineers is just how much improvement in basic KPIs can be derived from even a baseline SON installation,” said Kehler. “It is becoming increasingly clear that networks which are optimised for a static condition are wasting vast amounts of installed resources, and only a SON system can manage the real-time demands in heavily loaded networks.”
Reverb Networks has also unlocked double digit performance and CX gains in some of the largest networks in the world. Intelison is helping manage the CX at Mobilicity, one of North America’s most advanced 4G networks.