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Qatar develops IoT platform for start-ups and enterprises

Steve Rogerson
April 1, 2016
The first IoT platform developed in Qatar has been launched by the Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC).
The Labeeb IoT platform with a set of development kits and enablers could play a significant role in enabling developers, start-ups and enterprises to develop and deploy new IoT services and applications that serve different vertical markets quickly and at a lower R&D cost.
Although the platform and its associated enablers are initially targeting research centres, entrepreneurs and start-ups in Qatar and the region, it can equally serve international markets and will be expanded later this year to focus on the enterprise and the government sectors.
The QMIC has been working in the area of IoT since its inception in 2009 as its original business plan was focused on collecting sensor data wirelessly and translating such data into services and applications that serve the need of different market segments such as transportation, health and utilities. Subsequently, the QMIC developed and deployed its own IoT services in the areas of intelligent transport (Masarak), road safety (Salamtek) and environment (Hawa’ak).
Using such expertise and experience, QMIC decided to develop and launch an IoT platform that could be used by third parties to develop their own services and applications.
“As the oldest regional start-up in the important area of IoT, we are very pleased to announce the availability of our Labeeb IoT platform and development tools, the first locally developed platform in the region,” said Adnan Abu-Dayya, executive director and CEO of the QMIC. “This is a key element of our enablement strategy where we want to enable local entrepreneurs, start-ups, researchers and enterprises to play a bigger role in realising the IoT business potential and in creating local digital businesses in the process of doing so. We are equally excited by the international dimension of this platform as it can be offered to global users as well. The launch today culminates few years of effort by our team at QMIC, and represents a milestone towards expanding the Labeeb IoT portfolio to allow monetisation of IoT services and adding key enablers that support the needs of specific vertical markets.”
The Labeeb IoT platform can facilitate the collection and storage of data from any object or device, translate the data into actionable insights, and enable delivering a wide range of IoT services to various market segments such as oil and gas, healthcare, utilities and smart cities.
“We have been engaged in discussions with many potential partners in Qatar and we are encouraged by the level of interest and excitement that we have seen,” said Abu-Dayya. “Furthermore, we are pleased to report that many start-ups, research teams and individuals have already started using the current version of Labeeb IoT to realise their innovative ideas and build their own IoT products and services.”
In addition to the platform, the Labeeb IoT initiative provides different software development kits, an application development environment, and online and customised training to facilitate the development of IoT services and eventually create a community of developers and adopters of IoT services in the region.
The Labeeb IoT initiative will be used to set up an IoT Smart Living Lab, which should allow QMIC and its partners to realise the potential of IoT technologies.