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PTC joins IoT M2M Council to expand computing at network edge

Steve Rogerson
August 10, 2016
PTC, provider of ThingWorx, a widely deployed software platform for networking remote devices in industrial IoT applications, has joined the IoT M2M Council, whose mission is to educate those deploying connected devices in the field.
PTC will use its membership of the IMC – now with more than 18,000 members the largest and fastest-growing trade group in the IoT sector – to show enterprises the benefits of integrated systems that can collect and synthesise data from sensors in the field.
“We see the membership as an opportunity to educate enterprises and OEMs about what connectivity can do for their business,” said John Schaefer, PTC’s SVP of development, who will sit on the IMC’s board of governors. “Our ThingWorx platform is designed to make it easier than ever to deploy connected devices remotely and to collect meaningful data from them. IMC adopter members list software platforms as one of their highest priorities, so our membership is a natural extension of that education effort.”
The IMC has just completed its third Quarterly IoT Buyers’ Index, which tracks six- to 24-month buying plans for IoT adopters, and tracks those plans according to vertical markets served, size of deployment and types of vendors used.
“We know of no other group that is capturing this kind of data on this scale,” said IMC executive director Keith Kreisher, “And the IMC is now leveraging resources as a group to produce new surveying tools that will provide crucial data for both IoT adopters and the sustaining members on our board.”
The IMC is also in the process of forming its Connected Leadership Committee, a quarterly focus group of senior IoT buyers from its member rolls, primarily from Fortune 500 companies, that deploy the technology. That group will hold its first meeting on August 18, 2016.
The London-based IMC has more than 18,000 members joining since February 2014. Board member companies include Aeris, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Digi International, Ingenu, Inmarsat, Intel, Kore, Nighthawk Control, Orbcomm, PTC, Semtech, Sigfox, Telecom Italia, Telit, Verizon and Wipro.