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M2M keeps track of extreme sport contestants

Steve Rogerson
November 17, 2016

Extreme adventure racing is set to benefit from the IoT as software firm Trileuco adopts Podsystem M2M connectivity in its Tracktherace platform.
Spanish software company Trileuco agreed to include UK firm Podsystem M2M’s connectivity in its Tracktherace adventure tracking platform, meaning the sector could benefit from real-time management of extreme sporting events worldwide.
The Tracktherace platform is used globally in events such as the ARWS adventure racing world series, during which mixed teams of four members navigate through up to 700km of rough and remote terrain over a period of three to eight days using a mixture of running, hiking, canoeing and cycling. The ultimate endurance test with no connection to the outside world, traditionally the event was shared only by the competitors, but with the Tracktherace platform their families, friends and the public at large gain a unique insight into the progress of the race as it unfolds.
As well as real-time mapping of competitors on the course via tracking devices, Tracktherace provides participants’ details and information about the race, sponsor messages, multimedia information and links to social media. Before the event, it helps to manage registrations, adding participants’ details and taking payments online.
One of the most important aspects is the security of the contestants, and this is the main reason Trileuco decided to use best signal, multi-network SIMs from Podsystem M2M. Covering 571 networks in 230 countries, the SIMs connect to the best network on device start-up and subsequently swap networks if they lose signal while roaming, ideal for remote areas that have limited coverage on some networks.
“Organisers implement our system because they have the security of knowing the participants’ whereabouts at all times,” said Marcos Muiño, joint founder of Trileuco. “The very nature of adventure sports means it takes place in remote and rugged terrain, areas where network coverage is notoriously patchy. With Podsystem M2M’s data SIMs it is possible to switch between networks, meaning that total network unavailability is reduced to an absolute minimum.”
Charles Towers-Clark, managing director of Podsystem Group, added: “This is an exciting sector and one in which the global reach of our solution, which has been specifically designed for remote and mission critical applications, really comes into play. We look forward to supporting Trileuco in their mission to grow their business in the adventure racing sector worldwide.”
Trileuco is a software developing company based in A Coruña in Spain. It specialises in software development using agile technologies and methodologies.