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Plat.One launches accelerator for IoT connected products

Steve Rogerson
April 14, 2016
At this week’s Smart IoT event in London, Plat.One released Product.One, an accelerator for IoT connected products. Designed to supercharge the provisioning and management of connected products, it is aimed at home and commercial use.
With the system, end users can provision and manage connected products, and manufacturers and authorised partners can analyse usage and manage connected products remotely to increase availability and reduce downtime.
Built on the California company’s IoT platform, it is said to offer powerful capabilities at the device, edge and cloud level. The platform provides scalable management for millions of connected products, and a role-based security model to ensure that only those authorised to see product data have access. 
“We have been working with many manufacturers who know it is an imperative that their products become connected,” said John Bates, CEO of Plat.One. “Products are now alive and must be provisioned, monitored and managed. This allows for continuous upgrades and performance improvements. Connected products are now service delivery platforms. Product.One provides a powerful framework to support the lifecycle of connected products.”
The largest manufacturer of coffee machines in Italy – La Cimbali – recently announced the latest generation of connected coffee machines, powered by Plat.One.