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IoT deployers struggling with connectivity and protocols, says Plat.One survey

Steve Rogerson
May 19, 2016
Connectivity and protocols form the number one technical challenge in planning and deploying IoT projects, according to a survey by Plat.One, announced at last week’s M2M Forum in Milan.
The survey also found that the analysis of IoT data was the second biggest problem designers faced.
Over half of all IoT projects in planning are in just two sectors – connected products and transport and logistics. Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed claim to have IoT projects in the planning stage, but only nine per cent have funded IoT projects.
The biggest business challenge in planning and deploying IoT projects is proving RoI followed by convincing key internal stakeholders that this is the right time.
California-based Plat.One conducted the survey in Europe this quarter to learn about the challenges IT and business professionals are facing with their IoT projects.  Key areas of investigation included IT infrastructure, technology requirements, business challenges and state of deployment.
“We are fascinated to see that connectivity and protocols came out as the top technical challenge,” said John Bates, CEO of Plat.One. “This comes up with customers when choosing an IoT platform. The concern here is around future proofing and support to interoperate across the myriad of legacy, new and unknown machine protocols. Being able to ingest, combine and correlate data from any device that comes along is critical. This is not something that traditional integration vendors know how to do and requires a completely new approach for the IoT era.”