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Plaato uses IoT to make better beer

Steve Rogerson
July 27, 2017

A Norwegian start-up wants IoT technology to take some of the guesswork out of beer brewing.
Plaato has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to bring its digital airlock to market. The device continuously measures the flow of CO2 from the brew and converts it to information about gravity, alcohol percentage, temperature and the general fermenting process.
The information is sent to a smartphone-app via wifi, giving the brewer the possibility to monitor the brew from wherever there is an internet connection. The app gives an overview of the inner workings of the brew and delivers key metrics to track and understand the complete fermentation process.
The app can be set to notify the brewer if and when something happens, giving the possibility to take immediate action or watch key events. A sudden change in the CO2-flow can, for example, indicate a faulty thermostat, a too high flow might indicate the need to adjust the temperature and so on.
All data are stored for later use, giving the brewer all the tools needed to keep track of every detail of the different brews, and the possibility to keep consistency or make changes to new batches of liquid gold.
It uses the bubbles produced from the fermentation to monitor the activity of the brew. By accurately counting every bubble the process can be monitored fully and non-invasively. The device knows exactly the amount of CO2 the fermentation has generated. Specific gravity is calculated from this and sent to the app.
The device measures 100 by 44 by 40mm and weighs 150g. It uses non-invasive infra-red sensors, Tritan BPA-free high grade plastics, integrated wifi, three indicator LEDs and a digital temperature sensor.