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Parsec antennas support latest LTE routers

Steve Rogerson
May 24, 2017

Texas-based antenna company Parsec Technologies has announced ruggedised external antennas to support the latest vehicular LTE routers.
The PTA-Pro 5C-0759-001 is a heavy-duty compact five-in-one IP67 waterproof screw mount external antenna. This rugged low profile mimo LTE, mimo wifi and GPS antenna is for in-vehicle, public safety, field services and surveillance applications. It is suitable for the first responders network of critical infrastructure communications in the 700MHz spectrum.
The antenna enclosure contains five isolated high performance antenna elements; two ultra-wideband elements covering 698 to 2700MHz supporting mimo diversity at cellular LTE frequencies and two dual band elements covering 2.4-2.48 and 4.9-5.9GHz supporting mimo diversity operation for wifi and Wimax. The series also contains a high performance GPS antenna for location services options. The antenna does not require a ground plane as it is ground plane independent.
“This unique antenna delivers powerful mimo antenna technology for cellular LTE and wifi, plus GPS for next generation multiple wireless technology systems,” said Michael Neenan, Parsec’s CEO. “Every antenna in the Parsec Pro series is ruggedised, and high performance for today’s critical communications infrastructure applications.”
The antennas have their own ground plane and can radiate on any mounting environment such as metal or plastic without affecting performance. The cables are low loss allowing for lengths of up to 10m, critical for buses, trains and other commercial transport applications.
Measuring 15.24cm in diameter and 5.7cm tall, the antenna allows for single bolt installation on a vehicle and has been designed to support the latest vehicular LTE routers.