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Orange and Porto Seguro combine to bring IoT to Brazil

Steve Rogerson
November 17, 2016
Orange and mobile virtual network operator Porto Seguro Conecta are collaborating to support IoT projects in Brazil to meet demand from multinational corporations.
The agreement between the two companies enables Orange to provide its global customers with IoT coverage in Brazil through the Porto Seguro Conecta connectivity and mobility platform. Porto Seguro Conecta’s experience in IoT connections in Brazil, used for tracking car and residential alarms and IoT applications, is instrumental for local support, and complements the Orange global footprint.
"Brazil is a strong market for IoT in various sectors, such as utility, consumer appliance and electronic, automotive, medical and financial services," says James Galli, head of Porto Seguro Conecta. “With an eye on this demand, Orange can offer its customers, via Porto Seguro Conecta, a dedicated connectivity service. We are prepared to implement new applications and broadband requirements that are essential to IoT communications.”
The Orange IoT connectivity service is part of Datavenue, a modular IoT and analytics system. To enable advanced analysis and decision-making, Datavenue encompasses the selection of relevant data and objects, their reliable and secure connection, and their management in the customer information environment. A global team of more than 700 Orange data scientists and engineers design and develop these services. Orange already supports more than ten million active objects across a variety of sectors, including smart cities, healthcare, automotive and manufacturing.
“With the key support by our preferred partner Porto Seguro Conecta in Brazil, we at Orange can continue to provide our global IoT services, including fleet and asset management, payment and point-of-sale, smart metering and industrial applications, locally in the country,” said Emmanuel Routier, vice president of Orange Business Services. “With a local partner in Brazil, we round out our global footprint, helping us to continue delivering global IoT to our enterprise customers across a range of sectors. Today we manage ten million connected objects for our customers worldwide.”
Porto Seguro Conecta is the first and only MVNO to operate in Brazil and has more than 330,000 active lines for M2M communications, tracking cars insured by Porto Seguro Auto and residential alarm systems, monitored by Porto Seguro Proteção e Monitoramento.
Launched in August 2013, Porto Seguro Conecta uses the MVNO model to operate in the mobile telecommunications segment using the infrastructure of a traditional operator and to provide the service through its own customer service channels, sales and marketing team. The carrier operates in the regions of Santos, Campinas, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and the Paraíba Valley. It has 390.000 active lines, including the company's corporate mobiles and M2M connections used in tracking and residential alarms.