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Orange launches modular IoT data analytics service

Steve Rogerson
November 1, 2016
French mobile operator Orange has launched a modular data analytics service to help multinational and large national corporations seize the opportunities offered by the IoT.
Called Datavenue, the services comes from long-standing expertise supported by 700 IoT and analytics experts worldwide, as well as data scientists, developers, consultants, statisticians and IoT security experts.
Already, 56 per cent of decision makers consider IoT as strategic. Use cases include improving safety and user experience within smart cities by connecting street lights or parking meters, as well as improving quality of life by connecting medical devices to monitor a person’s health remotely.
Datavenue includes four modules:

  • Select relevant objects and sources of data. Orange offers a full range of certified and tested connected objects, such as sensors, cameras or modules to connect existing assets. Datavenue has a catalogue of data that includes population movement analytics using anonymised data from mobile networks.
  • Connect objects reliably with the most suitable and secured networks. A lorry travelling cross borders or an agricultural sensor in a field would require different networks. To adapt to the wide diversity of needs, Orange provides various connectivity options including future-proof global cellular networks and capabilities such as eUiCC, worldwide fixed and satellite networks, as well as low-power LoRa.
  • Manage data to improve efficiencies and create enhanced services. For example, a construction company can monitor cranes worldwide to prevent problems and reduce maintenance costs. Managing data in real-time enables technicians to solve problems remotely or to arrive on site with the right material, thereby reducing service interruptions. Orange offers both cloud-based and on-premises software, encompassing remote device management, processing and visualisation.
  • Control key elements of enterprise transformation projects. Orange experts ensure end-to-end security and data protection, integration with information systems and service scalability.
“We have developed extensive vertical expertise around IoT and data analytics in several sectors, including automotive, industry, smart cities, healthcare and smart homes,” said Olivier Ondet, IoT and analytics vice president for Orange Business Services. “Our solutions have already improved performance and employee safety through industrial machinery monitoring, enhanced patient care with remote assistance, and enriched citizen well-being with smart city services. This is now all being brought together to support the international launch of Orange Datavenue.”
Datavenue was first launched in France in 2015, but is being rolled out to other countries. Orange operates more than ten million active B2B objects and processes 65 million items of technical data per minute – all compliant with data protection regulations.