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On-Ramp Wireless changes name to Ingenu and rolls out M2M network in USA

Steve Rogerson
September 16, 2015
On-Ramp Wireless announced at last week’s CTIA Super Mobility show in Las Vegas a corporate re-launch under which the company will change its name to Ingenu and expand its executive leadership team. The California company also announced it is building a USA nationwide network dedicated exclusively to M2M and IoT connectivity – the Machine Network.
Ingenu will incorporate On-Ramp’s existing random phase multiple access (RPMA) technology and networks.
“On-Ramp’s proven technology, extensive global deployments and strong customer partnerships define the significance of the Ingenu brand,” said John Horn, CEO of Ingenu. “Combined with a demonstrated leadership team of wireless industry professionals, we are ready to take the IoT market to a whole new level leveraging the power of RPMA technology.”
The Ingenu leadership team, led by Horn, who joined the company earlier this year, includes executives with a successful history of executing go-to-market strategies with M2M technologies. The current leadership team has been bolstered by the addition of Tom Gregor as president and general manager, Landon Garner as chief marketing officer and James Seines as vice president of finance.
Ingenu has also augmented its board of directors with the appointment of Richard Lynch, former CTO of Verizon Communications, to chairman of the board. Industry veterans Ivan Seidenberg, former CEO of Verizon Communications, and Andrew Viterbi, former CTO of Qualcomm, will continue their involvement with the company in board and advisory roles.
“Ingenu’s RPMA technology is uniquely different due to the advantages it gives to the end customer and to the network provider,” said Lynch. “Purpose-built for the IoT, RPMA works, it is here today and the people who need it can quickly understand the benefits it offers.”
The Machine Network aims to be the first nationwide wireless public network dedicated entirely to M2M and IoT connectivity. Based on RPMA, which has been successfully deployed in private networks around the globe, the network will make RPMA capabilities available at the public level. Anyone that uses M2M and IoT applications – from smart cities to smart agriculture – now has access to what is claimed to be reliable, cost-effective connectivity.
Using universally available spectrum, RPMA is purpose-built for M2M and IoT traffic, offering range, coverage and capacity with low power requirements, enabling devices to connect more efficiently and cost-effectively.
The build out of the Machine Network is in progress, with more than 130,000 square kilometres already covered within the USA. In January 2016, metropolitan areas, including Phoenix and Dallas, will be among the first cities connected via the Machine Network. The network build-out will continue across the country until the end of 2017. The company has received significant capital investment to fund the network build.
“Ingenu is changing the way machines are connected,” said Horn. “We offer unprecedented network longevity because we control the technology. We are not beholden to technology sunsetting as is the case with cellular 2G networks. The power of the Machine Network lies in its RPMA technology, which will drive secure M2M and IoT connectivity with superior coverage and capacity at a greater value than alternative solutions. Our approach, simply put, is simply genius.”
Ingenu will continue to deliver its private network capabilities to serve customers around the world in smart city, smart grid and other IoT applications. The demand for private networks continues to grow as municipalities, utilities, oil and gas, and other customers look to gain efficiencies and reduce operating costs. Ingenu has more than 35 networks in operation across the globe serving myriad M2M and IoT applications.
The company has just announced the deployment of a public, nationwide network in Italy for M2M and IoT applications. The network will provide monitoring services for utilities and other applications throughout the country.
Meterlinq recently announced the deployment of a private IoT network for Italy’s leading natural gas operator, Amgas, to provide connectivity for smart metering of natural gas and other industrial applications using Ingenu’s RPMA technology.
“Building on successful IoT network implementations with customers such as Amgas, we are bringing the power of Ingenu’s RPMA technology to the public realm,” said Giorgio Dragotto, CEO of Meterlinq. “With this proven technology, we will be able to serve all of Italy with a robust, secure and scalable network to support valuable M2M and IoT connectivity.”
Meterlinq went through a rigorous vetting process, evaluating systems from other network technology providers. Ingenu was ultimately chosen for its RPMA, which offered better coverage, superior capacity, and secure uplink and downlink transmission capabilities.
The public network will be used for smart water and smart gas monitoring throughout Italy and will ultimately scale to include additional IoT applications. Meterlinq has successfully deployed the first standards-compliant system in Bari, and plans to expand the public network into other regions in the near future.
“Meterlinq was an early adopter of RPMA technology, and its rollout of the public network in Italy demonstrates the value that RPMA offers to the IoT ecosystem,” said Horn. “The triple-threat that RPMA brings to the table – value, wide, deep coverage, and longevity in terms of network and battery life – makes it a natural fit for IoT deployments like this.”