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OneM2M plans second release of specifications

Steve Rogerson
August 6, 2015
Standards body OneM2M is planning the second release of its specifications a little over half a year after the first version. At a technical plenary meeting in Philadelphia last month, its members agreed on plans for the second release of the specifications and appointed new chairmen and vice-chairmen to advance the agenda of several key working groups.
Release one of the OneM2M specifications was delivered in January 2015. This set of ten specifications covered requirements, architecture, APIs, mappings to common industry protocols, security and management, abstraction, and semantics.
Ten more specifications have been identified for release two, in addition to updates of the original specifications. These will enable industrial and home domain for smart homes and factories. There will be dynamic authorisation, end-to-end security, semantic interoperability, application developer APIs and guidelines.
The aim is to make OneM2M a generic interworking framework including support for OMA LWM2M, AllJoyn and OIC.
Release two is planned for delivery in autumn 2016. In parallel with the development of release two, a revised set of release one specifications is being prepared to take account of early implementation experience. These will be released in autumn 2015.
Peter Niblett of IBM was appointed as chairman of the protocols working group, which develops and specifies APIs, protocols and message formats used across OneM2M interfaces, including mapping to commonly used M2M protocols. As IBM senior technical staff member responsible for the architecture and design of IBM IoT and mobile messaging offerings, Niblett served as vice-chairman of the OneM2M protocols working group, as well as in other IoT standardisation groups.
Niblett replaces Ray Forbes of Ericsson, who has stepped down from his position. Forbes had led this group from the creation of OneM2M and has successfully driven the production of the four core specifications of the first release.
Shingo Fujimoto of Fujitsu was appointed as vice-chairman of the protocols working group for a second term.
Jieun Keum of Samsung Electronics was appointed vice-chairman of the management, abstraction and semantics working group and Mahdi Ben Alaya of the LAAS-CNRS research institute was appointed as vice-chairman of the testing working group.
The OneM2M standards initiative covers requirements, architecture, API specifications, security and interoperability for M2M and IoT technologies. It was formed in 2012 and consists of eight of the world's preeminent standards development organisations: ARIB (Japan), ATIS (USA), CCSA (China), Etsi (Europe), TIA (USA), TSDSI (India), TTA (Korea) and TTC (Japan), together with six industry fora or consortia (Broadband Forum, Continua Alliance, GlobalPlatform, HGI, Next Generation M2M Consortium and OMA) and more than 200 member organisations.
The specifications aim to provide a framework to support applications and services such as the smart grid, connected car, home automation, public safety and health.