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OneM2M brings together IoT developers in India

Steve Rogerson
August 3, 2017

The advancement of the IoT in India could be seen when nearly 100 members of the developer community descended on New Delhi for standards body OneM2M’s inaugural developer event.
Last month’s workshop, co-organised by the EU-India Cooperation on ICT Standardisation with input from Etsi, TSDSI and C-Dot, saw developers meet to exchange expertise on IoT software applications and share their ideas and experience.
Held at C-Dot’s New Delhi campus, the event provided an overview of OneM2M’s global standards and the tools that are enabling interoperability and market growth. During the event speakers from across the globe shared their insights on the role of standards in the IoT ecosystem.
“The idea behind this new initiative was to create an interactive and stimulating exchange platform for developers, allowing an opportunity for both in-depth discussion and hands-on exercises,” said Laurent Velez, OneM2M’s technical officer. “Events such as this are crucial to spreading industry standards on a global scale. Interoperability and standards create an abstract layer for developers to build on, allowing them to focus on application logic rather than on communication, device management, registration, security etc. India is a huge potential market for the IoT and the spread of best practice and standards is vital.”
The developer event is seen an important step towards the growth of OneM2M standards among the application developer community, bringing together a broad range of participants from across the industry and academia.
The second day of this two-day event was specifically focused on development of the OneM2M application by participants, assisted by mentors from C-Dot, thus allowing them to understand the OneM2M architecture and concepts by actively participating in practical exercises.
By the end of the day, most of the participants were able to demonstrate their applications working with C-Dot’s OneM2M IN platform CCSP (C-Dot Common Service Platform).
Alongside on-site tutorials showing how to develop IoT applications and exercises involving existing platforms, the event was also broadcasted to the C-Dot campus in Bangalore.
The event formed part of the India-EU Cooperation on ICT-Related Standardisation, Policy & Legislation project, which promotes closer alignment between India and Europe on the production and implementation of ICT standards. Etsi and TSDSI have worked on a series of M2M and IoT standardisation initiatives as part of this project alongside C-Dot, which is actively involved in the implementation of OneM2M service layers across India.
OneM2M was formed in 2012 and consists of eight standards development organisations – Arib (Japan), Atis (USA), CCSA (China), Etsi (Europe), TIA (USA), TSDSI (India), TTA (South Korea) and TTC (Japan) – together with six industry fora or consortia – Broadband Forum, CEN, Cenelec, Continua Alliance, Global Platform and OMA – and more than 200 member organisations.