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NXP integrates ARM-based SoC with Microsoft Azure IoT

William Payne
March 1, 2018

NXP Semiconductors has integrated its ARM-based Layerscape System-on-Chip (SoC) platforms with Microsoft Azure IoT Edge. Developers can now create applications within the Azure IoT Edge framework, running on ARM based systems.

In a statement, NXP said: "running cloud-based applications on edge devices requires a secure execution environment. Layerscape SoCs enable secure execution for Azure IoT Edge computing running networking, data analytics, and compute-intensive machine learning applications".

Layerscape SoCs support open-source virtualisation environments like Linux and Docker containers. Microsoft Azure IoT Edge leverages this capability and enables customers to deploy applications to edge devices within secure Docker containers.

NXP’s approach to security with Layerscape products follow recommendations made by Microsoft in a research paper titled “Seven Properties of Highly Secure Devices.”

“SoCs that provide a secure gateway are essential for processing edge services for IoT deployments,” said Sam George, Director, Microsoft Azure IoT at Microsoft Corp. “NXP’s integration of Azure IoT Edge with Layerscape means developers can easily deliver IoT solutions to edge devices through secure gateways.”

“We are pleased to extend our collaboration with Microsoft to help accelerate development and adoption of secure edge computing. Microsoft Azure provides a rich cloud environment that our customers depend on,” commented Tariq Bustami, Senior vice president, NXP Digital Networking. “Azure IoT Edge computing provides important support for edge devices securely connected to the Azure cloud.”