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Numerex introduces smart sensor interface for industrial and commercial IoT deployments

Steve Rogerson
July 15, 2015
Numerex, an Atlanta, Georgia, based provider of interactive M2M products, has announced the availability of NXLink, a rugged, compact, battery-operated smart sensor interface that connects to thousands of sensors used in capturing important industrial IoT data.
This device provides critical wireless sensor-connection functionality and serves as a component in the company's NXFast industrial IoT platform. As such, it helps Numerex deliver on its goal of using its flexible, horizontal platform and components to offer a single source for companies seeking the quick deployment of a robust, end-to-end, industrial IoT that addresses their needs.
The interface harvests data from sensors, and wirelessly transmits the captured data either to a cellular or satellite communicator, or to a local, smart, control-panel. Designed for flexibility, it has a GUI interface for users enabling them to configure data collection triggers based on threshold attainment, by time of day or upon detected sensor value changes.
It can handle up to four digital dry contact or analogue sensors simultaneously to facilitate the collection of data for transport, processing, analysis and input into an application or display in a dashboard. Water and dust resistant, it is suited to demanding manufacturing and remote outdoor monitoring installations. In addition, it has intrinsically safe certification (class 1, div 1, groups A, B, C and D) enabling sensor monitoring in explosive atmospheres.
"Companies are starting to understand the power of the industrial IoT to transform their processes and are seeking affordable, robust solutions to capture and transmit data in real time, with a minimum of disruption during installation or while in use," said Jeff Smith, chief technology officer at Numerex. "As a key component in the NXFast platform, NXLink delivers optimum performance in rugged conditions. When paired with the Numerex network, advanced industrial IoT devices and applications built on NXFastT technology, the NXLink serves as one the company's devices in a full-range of critical components useful for deploying industrial IoT virtually anywhere."
Designed to operate in temperatures from -10 to +70ËšC, the interface requires two user-replaceable, high-energy lithium 3.6V batteries and weighs 161g with the batteries installed.
The NXFast platform enables widespread, speedy deployment of IoT products and services across many different industries, including manufacturing, materials, chemical processing, and other industrial or commercial areas of business.