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NTT starts collaborative IoT technical verification experiment

Steve Rogerson
March 10, 2016
Tokyo-based NTT Communications has launched IoT Testbed, a collaborative technical-verification demonstration experiment using IoT products and services in alliance with hardware vendors, software vendors and system integrators that offer IoT technologies and products.
The experiment will offer use of NTT Com’s Enterprise Cloud service and Arcstar Universal One global VPN to alliance companies on a free-of-charge basis for a limited time. The companies are expected to combine these services with their own IoT technologies, products and services to test feasibility.
NTT Com will evaluate and verify the interconnection, operational stability, process performance, data analysis accuracy and operability of the IoT services. Outcomes will be shared among companies and organisations in related industries. NTT Com will continue to invite a broad range of other global companies and organisations to participate in the experiment to advance the development of extra-reliable and safe IoT services.
The demonstration includes LAN and WAN connectivity using a protocol-converting gateway. It will measure data speed and data-processing performance by converting vendor-specific industrial Ethernet protocols, such as the CC-Link IE, Profinet and EtherNet/IP, to standardised protocols such as OPC UA, and then using these protocols for data transmissions to NTT Com’s cloud via optical-fibre and mobile circuits. Participants include NTT Communications and Takebishi.
The transmission and real-time processing performance test will involve operating network-control technology (enables reliable receipt of huge data from multiple vendors’ devices and then processing and storage of the data in real time), middleware and database systems in NTT Com’s cloud and network, and then verify the stability and practicability of data-processing performance and operation. Participants include IBM and Oracle.
Another experiment will implement data processing and storage to the edge side (devices), including telecommunications gateway and cloud, and verify processing performance and operation stability, aiming at realising speedy, real-time processing of huge IoT data from diverse sensors and cameras. Participants include Innotech, Intel, Kanto L-Engineering, Siemens, Cisco and Net One Systems.
And there will be an experiment to verify feasibility and convenience of developing IoT services and applications by combining APIs of devices, networks, cloud, applications and security using a GUI, and building a development environment on NTT Com’s cloud for fast, easy development with IoT functions added in. It will evaluate convenience by developing a proof of concept. Participating companies include Uhuru and NTT Communications.
Leveraging the IoT will require the efficient collection and processing of huge data worldwide. This will necessitate advanced technologies that enable telecoms equipment to send and receive data; networks and cloud platform to transfer data; databases to store data; and applications to process data.
The development and practicalisation of reliable security technologies for strong authentication and encryption, cyber security and failure prediction will be needed to avoid the misuse, runaway or disclosure of data from cameras, robots, cars and control systems connected to networks. Furthermore, to combat terrorism and crime, manage energy and prepare for major disasters, it is becoming increasingly important to leverage technologies for IoT, data processing and artificial intelligence in fields such as law and order, environmental conservation and national security.
NTT Com will continue to invite additional enterprises, industrial institutions and research institutes to participate in the IoT Testbed to facilitate development, practicalisation, commercialisation and implementation by evaluating technologies and products that contribute to IoT service evolution. It will also connect the IoT Testbed to its overseas bases via VPN sometime after April.
Meanwhile, the company will participate in the IoT Acceleration Lab and Smart IoT Acceleration Forum of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry and Ministry of Internal Affairs & Communications to test and verify technologies and create new businesses that leverage the IoT. In addition, NTT Com is jointly developing and testing IoT technologies in cooperation with various institutions and communities, including the Virtual Engineering Community, Industrial Value Chain Initiative, Connected Consumer Device Security Council, IoT Promotion Committee of Internet Association Japan, IoT Research Committee at Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo and Nagoya Institute of Technology.
Outcomes of initiatives leveraging the IoT Testbed will be broadly shared with enterprises and institutions worldwide to accelerate the development of new products and services that contribute to more sustainable, vigorous and affluent societies.