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Nokia platform aims to Impact IoT

Steve Rogerson
June 16, 2016
Nokia has launched a platform that aims to give operators, enterprises and governments a secure way to scale new IoT services. Called Impact – for Intelligent Management Platform for All Connected Things – it can handle data collection, event processing, device management, data contextualisation, data analytics, end-to-end security and applications enablement for any device or protocol and across any application.
The platform includes the Finnish company's Motive CDP connected converged device management platform. It provides lifecycle management for more than 80,000 models of broadband, home and IoT devices. The latest edition integrates all Nokia mobile and IoT device management software.
Being cloud-based, Impact users can add on-demand server capacity to support massive numbers of connected devices. Scaling capacity is also enhanced by the platform's internal architecture, built from the ground up for scale, security and reliability.
Impact has factored in increasing security requirements including network, cloud and end-point security. It also implements the latest Lightweight M2M (LWM2M) security model for IoT device management and is backed by Nokia's security portfolio.
Along with supporting 80,000 device models from 100 of the world's top manufacturers, Motive CDP can detect new device formats that come on the market. It is flexible enough to support multiple deployment and business models including private, public cloud, private cloud, SaaS and transactional. This provides a lower entry cost and ability to scale both up and down. Furthermore, MotiveSmart certifies how the device and service are used together on an operator's mobile network.
Nokia's services expertise encompasses both devices and networks, allowing issues to be pinpointed back to either the device or the network for root cause analysis.
"Our new Impact platform with Motive CDP is particularly strong in device management, security and analytics,” said Bhaskar Gorti, president of Nokia’s applications and analytics business group. “These matter because as we work to collect and derive meaning from IoT data, it becomes more valuable to everyone involved, and more crucial to protect."
In February, Nokia announced its IoT Community to help customers develop, test and implement IoT business models and launched a US$350m IoT investment fund.