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Nokia Ukkoverkot nationwide LTE IoT network

William Payne
September 21, 2017

Nokia is modernising the nationwide LTE network for Finnish private network operator Ukkoverkot. The modernisation programme will improve quality, capacity and security for customers including infrastructure operators, public safety authorities, maritime and shipping industries, industrial IoT users, and residents and businesses in remote areas.

Founded in 2014, Ukkoverkot operates its own LTE-based mobile data network and a number of local private LTE networks, offering fast connections using the 450 MHz and 2.6 GHz spectrum bands. Ukkoverkot's low-frequency nationwide network is largely reserved for the use of its industrial and public safety customers while its high frequency network is reserved for private micro-operator networks. As a pure broadband operator, Ukkoverkot's network carries data services only.

Starting in Q4 2017, Nokia will upgrade Ukkoverkot's older-generation network technology to Nokia's LTE-based technology. This will enable Ukkoverkot's customers in industrial IoT settings to begin to implement Industry 4.0 applications, while critical communications and public safety operators will receive more reliable, higher bandwidth service supporting standardised public safety features.

Nokia says that the better propagation characteristics of its 450 MHz LTE network makes it better suited for delivering services in sparsely populated areas such as the Nordic countries.