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Nokia launches centralised security for IoT network operators

William Payne
February 2, 2016

Nokia has launched an all in one centralised security system for network operators designed to safeguard complex multi-vendor and IoT networks. The new system makes it easier and faster to configure, and deploy network security across multiple IoT configurations and services, both for carriers and other service providers.

The Nokia NetGuard Security Management Center allows an operator to monitor and control all the multi-vendor security systems deployed across a telecommunications network. Nokia says that combining the monitoring and configuration of different systems in one place enhances security because incidents can be analysed and correlated centrally to protect against threats that could otherwise go undetected by isolated security systems.

As well as the quick and easy detection and prevention of attacks, Nokia claims that NetGuard Security Management Center also increases operational efficiency and lowers the total cost of security for operators through automated and consistent mass configuration of security policies, bulk firmware upgrades and verification of vendor-specific security hardening settings.  

Dr. Stefan Pütz, Vice President Network and Infrastructure Security, Group Security Services, at Deutsche Telekom (DT) said: "We at Deutsche Telekom highly appreciate Nokia's approach, which comprehensively addresses security with a consolidated solution that brings much greater value than the sum of individual security modules. For instance, with the automated security audit together with security alarm correlation, we will be able to pinpoint attacks that today's networks simply cannot detect."

Giuseppe Targia, head of Security at Nokia, said: "Networks are becoming more heterogeneous and open, leaving them increasingly prone to cyberattacks. Any subsequent degradation of network performance, whether a partial or complete outage, is one of the biggest threats to operators. The impact of such an event can range from a few dissatisfied customers to severe damage to the entire business. Our NetGuard Security Management Center gives operators confidence that their whole networks are safe, not just some individually protected parts."