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NetObjex and IdeaLink bring IoT-blockchain to SE Asia

Steve Rogerson
March 14, 2018

California-based NetObjex is partnering Cambodian firm IdeaLink Consulting to help develop business opportunities for IoT and blockchain technologies in the SE Asian markets.
The partnership will focus on leveraging NetObjex's flagship digital asset management platform, which uses IoT and blockchain technologies, for applications across multiple domains on which IdeaLink focuses.
"Our relationship with IdeaLink is another important milestone in terms of establishing our brand across various regions around the globe," said Raghu Bala, CEO of NetObjex. “There are various geographic pockets of untapped potential for our technology platform, and IdeaLink's reach in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and other markets in the region fits well with our strategic objectives.”
The digital asset management platform provides enterprises and organisations with more effective means for asset tracking and tracing along with better tools for measuring performance, efficiency and use of assets. The platform is also used as blockchain middleware for off-chain processing, searching across chains, data aggregation across chains and more. It has use cases in manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, automotive, transportation and smart cities.
"Opening up new markets requires local presence and know how, and we are implementing this either through our own operations or via trusted partnerships,” said Bala. “We have taken decisive steps to enter the markets in Europe, India and now SE Asia. We plan to replicate this model in several other markets in the near future. This gives a broader market to sell into, better support our customers, and hopefully in the long run establish a global brand."
NetObjex is an IoT-blockchain application enablement platform provider for managing digital assets. The core of IdeaLink Consulting is a firm that focuses on system integration, technology consultation, IT support, innovation and market technologies development, including IoT, blockchain and smart cities.
"IdeaLink is excited to be a partner of NetObjex, and strengthening our position as a significant regional systems integrator through this relationship," said Puthkiry Kim, chairman and president of IdeaLink Consulting. “We believe that the opportunities for the NetObjex platform are abundant. Our thesis is that the combination of IoT and blockchain technologies can bring about digital transformation for competitive advantage for enterprises in the region. In an era of global competition, businesses are seeking every edge that they can find, and our focus is to enable our clients achieve that goal.”