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LoRaWan controller sends signals from Estonia to Finland

Steve Rogerson
August 22, 2017

A LoRaWan luminaire controller developed by Nordic Automation Systems (NAS) has sent signals from Tallinn to Helsinki, 86km away, in a real-life usage scenario.
When LPWAN technologies started to emerge a few years ago, the main argument for sale was the long range for the signal. Many tests were performed which showed the possibilities for the signal to reach over 100km. Since 2012, when long-range LoRa technology was acquired by Semtech, the development of the patented technology has grown rapidly with experiments for improvements made worldwide.
The luminaire controller in Tallinn, Estonia, has so far sent more than 200 messages to the gateway in Finland with the average SNR value of 8.6dB and RSSI signal value -117.
The LoRa-based outdoor waterproof IP68 rated controller is an SMA antenna ready device that enables customisable dimming profiles with various configurable inputs. The 868/915MHz controller can monitor each light by means of a bi-directional data exchange.
The controller produces consistent energy savings, reduces CO2 emissions and enables efficient maintenance cycles, as well as allowing remote control of the LED and HID luminaires using a 0 to 10V analogue or Dali control signal.
“We were very glad to see the numbers of the coverage,” says Viljo Veesaar, founder of Nordic Automation Systems. “The LoRaWan luminaire controller is without a doubt one of the most promising devices for the near future smart street lighting.”
NAS creates sensor technologies, data analysis and monitoring products. The company operates in Norway and Estonia and has its own manufacturing facility in Kuressaare. NAS is the technology partner for telecoms and IT infrastructure provider Levira, offering IoT services in Estonia. It is a member of LoRa Alliance.