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Multi-Tech and Synox collaborate on LoRa platform

Steve Rogerson
February 2, 2017
Minnesota-based Multi-Tech Systems is collaborating with French company Synox to provide a complete IoT system for managing heterogeneous sensors and actuators, connectivity networks – cellular and LoRa – and securing data from a single platform.
The SoM2M LoRa starter kit integrates a range of products and services to interact with and monitor data from connected devices to help ensure the successful implementation of IoT projects.
Available today, the kit incorporates MultiTech’s MultiConnect Conduit with LoRa communications technology and integrates Synox’s SoM2M IoT platform to manage devices and networks, and SoM2M Data Management Lite to manage data and visualise information on an intelligent dashboard.
“The MultiTech and Synox collaborative starter kit is already enhancing the IoT experience for organisations worldwide,” said Duane Wald, managing director at MultiTech. “Based on MultiTech’s MultiConnect Conduit starter kit for LoRa, the Synox starter kit marries MultiTech’s award-winning technologies with Synox’s innovative device and data management platform. We are excited by its potential and are confident it will have a positive impact on the IoT community.”
The first LoRa sensors and MultiTech’s gateway with LoRa technology are being deployed in Montpellier, France. Additional use cases include smart parking, public bike tracking and a water meter system. A pending installation is planned for electricity management for the buildings within the University of Montpellier.
As an IoT product and service provider, Synox advises and supports companies and cities in their digital IoT transformation. Synox simplifies deployment of connected devices projects, based on cellular, LoRa and Sigfox networks. It provides a range of products and services to manage, monitor and secure connected devices from end to end and provides an integrated IoT data management platform.